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About me

i welcome you to my webpage,
theres not much thing on its own and cant put excitement to this page really

i'm a 20 years old haitian-canadian genderfluid/enby person.
i mainly go by many names by many people i know but jus call me kio or guervens or ctog.
i make art, music or anything i can do, even write some words
on a blank paper or empty document.
pretty much this is what i do in my daily life jus do what i do ig....

im also kinda on a spectrum of autism
so excuse me for having a odd, childish or awkward behiavior and having to ruin or have shit jokes. (and be evil hahahhahhaha)

Interests and such

i'll simply repeat here since ive already put in my carrd but
i have so much interests, some of them are bold as a special ones i heavily fw.

object shows (tpot, bfb, bfdi), obscure things, technology (operation systems), azumanga daioh, homestuck, james ferraro, anything from the late 2000s/2010s (nostalgia), teletoon, ytv, scott pilgrim, lucky star, yume nikki, yume 2kki, old rblx, art, music, mlp, my bloody valentine, my babysitter a vampire, old early internet stuff*, aphex twin, di gi charat, serial experimental lain, elfen lies, tek lintowe, radiohead, lil b, old mario games, vinesauce joel, geography, being stuck in old timing, hayley williams (paramore), chuu, local files, ranfren, twilight, vampires, chief keef, welcome to hell, hatsune miku, nigahiga, eddsworld, the venture bros, aqua teen hunger force, scott pilgrim, haibane renmei, touhou kingdom hearts, mtv downtown, a kockásfülű nyúl